Wingspread Conference

In 1997 a significant meeting sponsored by the Council of Scientific Society Presidents, with many other co-sponsors, gathered noted authorities at Racine, WI (Wingspread Conference 1997). One of the significant conclusions of this conference was that "A substantial body of scientific evidence demonstrates statistically significant increases in cancer incidence for acute whole-body exposures of adults to ionizing radiation at doses of about 10 rem and greater." This implies that a substantial body of scientific evidence for cancer incidence DOESN'T exist for acute exposures below 10 rem.

Wingspread Conference (1997): Creating a Strategy for Science based

National Policy: Addressing conflicting views on the health risks of low-level ionizing radiation. Wingspread Conference Center, Racine, WI, August 1-3, 1997. Special presentation at the HPS annual meeting, Minneapolis, MN, 1998