This is a Public Service Website and its reason for existence is to make historical information about Southern Utah available to the public.

The pioneer development of this Southern Utah area is unique and epitomizes man’s ability to conquer the circumstances he finds himself in. In addition to the conventional history portrayed there is information about a subject that seems to strike concern, if not fear into long time residents and even new immigrants, and that is the subject of “radioactive fallout,” from nuclear weapons testing in neighboring Nevada.

It is common folk knowledge that the “fallout” increased cancer in Southern Utah and the vicinity of the Nevada Test Site, and that the Government lied to the residents about the health impacts. The author of this web site, a native son, who has spent his professional career of 44 years specializing in “radiological health”, and who has studied this subject for all these years doesn’t agree with the common folk knowledge, because it conflicts with the well know science available. Therefore he is making an attempt to address some of the specific “folk myths,” and provide scientific & technical information so individuals can make their own comparisons. Just because a statement has been repeated thousands of times, doesn’t necessarily make it true or factual.

This website also provides links to many scientific & technical sites where voluminous information on radiation physics, health physics, and radiological health, etc. can be found.